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Top Destinations to see Spring Blooms

Toronto is a great place to see the many species of flowers and plants as we are spoiled by great markets and festivals held here. However, there are many other locations within Canada and around the world to see these spring flowers in the flesh.

Here are a few amazing places to visit these brilliant spring florals. And who knows, one of these locations may be your destination wedding venue someday! (Click on link to learn more about bloom season and the best time to visit!)

1. Canadian Tulip Festival - Ottawa, Ontario

2. Furano Flower Fields - Hokkaido, Japan - for its lavender, marigolds, poppies and many others

3. Valley of Roses - Marrakech, Morocco

4. Namaqualand, South Africa - for its variety of daisies

5. Keukenhof, Netherlands - for its roses, daffodils, hyacinths, irises, carnations, lilies, and orchids

6. Parco di Punta Falcone, Italy - for its Carpobrotus acinaciformis (or "Elands Sourfig")

7. Crested Butte, Colorado - for its wildflowers

8. Lavender fields - Provence, France

9. Mojave Desert - California

10. San Saba County, Texas - for its bluebonnets

11. Washington, DC - for its cherry blossoms

12. Annapurnas, Nepal - for its rhododendrons

13. Carlsbad Flower Fields, California - for its ranunculus

14. The Watertown Wildflower Festival, Waterton, Alberta

15. Vancouver Island, British Columbia - for its Saanich Peninsula daffodils

Happy Wedding!

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