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Florals that Brave the Cold

We all know that the cold weather doesn't really bring in the nicest selection of blooms and isn't a friend to the more delicate floral types typically used for weddings (i.e. orchids, gardenias, stephanotis)

But who says some of them still can't be beautiful?

Over the winter, consider these hearty varieties to put in your wedding florals or arrangements that are guarantee to last longer and stay fresh.

1. Protea

2. Succulents

3. Star of Bethlehem (pictured here with some lavender, also a great hearty choice!)

4. Bells of Ireland

5. Carnations

6. Silver Brunia (pictured here with dusty miller as the backing leaf)

7. Kale

8. Gerbera Daisy

9. Pansy

10. Amaryllis

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