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Receiving Table Ideas

Receiving tables are the first things that guests see when they enter into your reception lobby, and is the first chance the guests can interact with you and your theme. So why not spruce it up a bit? Let's set the tone of your reception with these ideas.

We love the idea of giving away plants as your favour - something that will stay on your shelf or in your garden for more than just 1 day! The display for this is also perfect - an accessible, but reusable shelf, and space for photos of you and your spouse, or family photos.

Another keepsake - but this time for yourself. Why not get a handy family member (that owns some tools) to make you a bench that you can sit on on your porch while growing old together? Have your guests sign the bench, spray it with some finishing varnish, and you have memories for life.

This one is a little more time consuming (and can perhaps bottleneck the receiving line), but super fun nevertheless. Have your guests take a photo with a Poloroid instant camera, and then replace their name on the seating board with the photo.

Another alternative to the bench idea - having the guests sign a cute little table that you can use in your home as a side/end table.

We love the idea of incorporating old photos of relatives that couldn't be at the reception - or perhaps just a way to pay homage to the successful marriages in the family. Hang some vintage photos off some branches and/or frame them to commemorate.

If guests like a challenge, create a unique seating board where they have to follow the line to find out their table number. While this isn't great for those who have vision issues (i.e. lots of seniors in the crowd), for the hip and trendy it would be perfect. Or just get a bridesmaid or groomsmen to help everyone out to find their seats.

Simple idea - pick your favourite chocolate and pierce it with a toothpick with someone's name on it. Delicious and effective.

We sure do love this play on words. And if you have some time, writing each name on the leaves is cute and personalized.

What are your favourite and unique receiving table ideas? Comment!

Happy designing,


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