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Different Foliage Types

When it comes to choosing florals for an event, one tends to oversee the vast different types of greenery that one can use to accent and bring out the natural pops of Mother Nature.

Here are some top choices of foliage that you may request when speaking to your florist.

1. Dusty Miller

Brides enjoy this beautiful, unique "greenery" that is not your typical green leaf. It's soft to the touch (almost like felt) and grey in colour. Perfect for palettes that are more subdued and neutral.

2. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has been a popular choice in recent years, particularly for vintage weddings. But did you know that there are several different types? Seeded, curly, dollar.. the list goes on. Make sure you ask your florist about different variations that you can add.

3. Pittosporum

A more inexpensive alternative to the standard green leaf is pittosporum, which covers a lot of surface area for a minimal cost. It also comes in "variegated" form (which is 2-toned) to add a little bit of depth.

4. Ivy

If you're looking for something more flowy to achieve that sweeping look, consider ivy. They do come in potted form, so you can also add this to the household for a great look!

5. Ruscus

Italian or Israeli ruscus are great additions to bouquets, and are also more inexpensive then eucalyptus or dusty miller. Italian ruscus can be maneuvered a little easier than Israeli ruscus, which tends to have a harder stem.

6. Aspidistra

These large leaves are usually used for lining the insides of vases or cubes, or for large bouquets and centerpieces. Nevertheless, they are very versatile.

For more information on different types of foliage you can add to your own pieces, feel free to contact us!

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