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Alternative Colour Palettes

Let's face it. The palette of the year (of the century!) has been your stunning combination of blush pink, champagne/gold and ivory. With perhaps a splash of navy, or a splash of coral.

Well, let's try something new!

Here at the floral studio we LOVE experimenting with out of the box palettes that are still drop-dead gorgeous.

Don't forget to click on the images for more inspiration from their respective sources.

1. Blush and Orange

A little variation of the coral/blush theme, is blush and orange. More commonly used in tropical wedding themes, this brings the Caribbean to you, and still looks amazing.

Suggested florals: orange garden roses or peonies, blush peonies, hot pink freesia

2. Navy and Orange

Okay, so we have a soft spot for orange. But this brings your fall wedding to a whole new level with the rich tones of the orange and deep navy. Beautiful.

Suggested florals: burnt orange roses and gerbera daisies, two-toned tulips, orange calla lilies, orange ranunculus

3. Mint and Peach

We love this soft, muted palette that really brings out the natural beauty of the bride and bridesmaids on a spring day. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding, and bonus: you get to use succulents everywhere!

Suggested florals: succulents, dusty miller, peach garden roses or peonies, peach sweetheart roses, peach tulips

4. Black and Gold

For the true vintage era feel, go for a bold statement like black and gold. It will bring out the Great Gatsby in you and it will give your guests something to remember! Perfect for a New Years Eve, or winter wedding.

Suggested florals: Anything simple and white, to bring out the bright shades in this palette

5. Dove Grey and Yellow

Soft and springy, this colour palette is elegant and cheerful with just the pops of colour that you need. We had this featured in one of our weddings a couple years ago, and it was unforgettable!

Suggested florals: yellow calla lilies, pale yellow roses, yellow forsythia, dusty miller

6. Deep Red and Navy Blue

Although we are a Canadian company, we can't help but notice this popular palette to our friends south of us to commemorate the 4th of July. But if you are Canadian that still loves this combination, you can also eliminate the white, and just make it a beautiful, rich palette of deep reds and navys, which is still perfect for a fall wedding.

Suggested florals: burgundy calla lilies, red gerbera daisies, and burgundy mums

7. Kale Green and Mint

To commemorate the Pantone Colour of the Year, why not do an all green palette? Green foliage with pops of white and mint would be visually stunning and unique.

Suggested florals: succulents, eucalyptus, leather leaf, pittosporum, kale, mini green hydrangea, green roses

So what's your favourite?

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